Hotel en Bariloche - Milan


Like every one of our visitors, the name Milán also comes from far away: its founders, Mr and Mrs Fanti, chose that name to remember their land. That was in 1978 when the heart of Argentine’s Patagonia was opening up to tourism.


Today, we, their daughters, are in charge of everything: the serene decor of the 21 guest rooms and their technological amenities, the homemade pastries served at breakfast, the birthday surprise for those who are celebrating on the road. We're always ready with detailed answers to our guests' perennial questions: how to get to Cerro Otto (Mount Otto), where to find Cerro Catedral (Mount Cathedral), the Circuito Chico and other must-see places.


Hotel Milán’s guests are not so much tourists as travelers, who choose it because of its ideal location in the very center of the city, just a few meters from Lake Nahuel Huapi and steps away from the cathedral.


Located in the middle of a major tourism destination, Hotel Milán is a refuge for those who value personalized assistance and detail-oriented service. Your stay will be one you'll recommend to your friends.
Beschtedt 120 - 128 Tel: 0054 294 442 2624
S.C de Bariloche Patagonia Argentina
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